Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Daily Experience With God

Excerpts from Daily Experience With God by Andrew Murray

   This book is for everyday practical lessons. The author explains the need for and how to have a morning quiet time with God.

   “Let God’s Word every day, and before everything else, lead us to God. Let every blessing in it be a matter of prayer, especially our need for divine teaching. Let our intense attachment to it be our childlike plea and confidence that the Father will help us. Let our prayers be followed by the vow that as God quicken and blesses us, we will obey His commandments. Let all that God’s Word brings to us make us more earnest in longing to carry that Word to others.

Prayer and the Word
   Prayer and the Word are inseparably linked together: power in the use of either depends upon the presence of the other. The Word gives me matter for prayer, telling me what God will do for me. It shows me the path of prayer, telling me how God would have me come. It gives me the power for prayer, the assurance that I will be heard. And it brings me the answer to prayer, as it teaches what God will do for me. Prayer prepares the heart for receiving the Word from God Himself, for the teaching of the Spirit to give the spiritual understanding of it, for the faith that is made partaker of its mighty working.
   Prayer and the Word have one common center–God. Prayer seeks God; the Word reveals God. In prayer, man asks God; in the Word, God answers man. In prayer, man rises to heaven to dwell with God; in the Word, God comes to dwell with man. In prayer, man gives himself to God; in the Word, God gives Himself to man.

Christ became the Son of Man to show us how to live in complete dependence upon God.

Christ came and showed, in a human life, how man has but one thing to live for: to do the will of God. He showed us how there was one way of conquering self-will–by a death to it, in obeying God’s will even unto death.

The question of how we spend our leisure time is very important. It is then that I turn freely and naturally to what I love most.

‘Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven’ Matthew 6:10. The will of God is the living power to which the world owes its existence.

Deception takes place when the outward–that which pleases the eye, interests the mind, or gratifies the taste–takes the place of truth in the inward part, that hidden wisdom in the heart which God gives.

   The daily, returning morning hour is the time for daily renewing of the Holy Spirit into the image of God as righteousness and holiness. We need a time of meditation and prayer to get our heart set upon God’s purposes. We need a true vision of how the inward man can be renewed day by day into the very likeness of God, changed into the same image by the Spirit of the Lord. Let nothing less be your aim or satisfy your aspirations. The image of God, the life of God, is in you, and His likeness can be seen in you. Do not separate yourself from God and His likeness. Let all our trust in Him mean nothing less than finding His likeness formed in you by the renewing of the Holy Spirit.

   Let this be your daily prayer–to be renewed after the image of Him who created you.”

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