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   Dr. Steve McVey has written several books. The following article will give glimpses into two of them.

   Nothing you have ever done, nothing you could ever do, will match the incomparable joy of letting Jesus live His life through you. It is what makes the fire of passion burn so brightly in new believers. And it is what causes the light of contentment to dance in the eyes of mature believers who have learned the secret of the
   In this book, Steve tells about his life, his struggles, and his tears.
   “And I had done my best. God, what more do You want from me…There must be more than this!…If at first you don’t succeed…You know the rules…Why can’t I be successful?…Thanks, but I can do it myself.”
   All of this is too familiar, we can identify with what he is writing. Next, Dr. McVey writes about our being dead to sin and the old life is taken away. We can now choose to live each moment allowing Christ to live His life through us.
   We are now free from the law. Many Christians focus on the laws of God. Their concept of victorious Christian living is to avoid wrong actions and do right ones. They believe that if they can only do the right things, they will grow spiritually and enjoy a victorious Christian walk… God’s concern with you isn't about rules but relationship… Intimacy develops between those who share themselves with each other.

   Are you “living by the rules,” or are you letting God’s grace rule you? Wouldn't you like to rest in God’s grace, and let Him live through you?
   “Opening his eyes, Jesus could see the early morning light beginning to filter in through the window of the small guest bedroom where He had spent the night. He could hear His friend already in the kitchen preparing breakfast. No doubt about it-the mother of all buffets was being prepared. Martha always put out a great spread of food. He loved being in the home of these two sisters and their brother. For a moment He wished He could take the day off and spend some time with them. It would be nice, He thought, but the devil never takes a day off. And besides, My Father is counting on me.
   Arising from the comfort of the bed, Jesus began to mentally organize His day. What shall I do for My Father today? He pondered. I know that I’ll preach a sermon this afternoon. That’s one thing that would cause Father to really be happy with Me. As He washed His face with a wet cloth, He continued, There are many sick people in the area. I’ll heal some of them. My Father would certainly be pleased with that. Maybe I’ll even cast out some demons today. That’s always a big ministry event. When He finished dressing, He thought, Maybe if all goes will, I can even find a funeral service and raise somebody from the dead. Yes, That’s what I’ll do. Father will be thrilled when He sees Me take on that ministry project. Those things should pretty much fill My day. Slipping on His sandals just before walking out of the bedroom to face the new day, He prayed, ‘Help Me, Father, as I live for You today. Use what I do for You to bring glory to Yourself.’”
   Reality Check! What are your thoughts on that scenario describing how Jesus might have begun a new day?.. Nobody would imagine Jesus living His life in such a way. Jesus trying to score brownie points with His Father? There’s no way. Then how come I start my day this way? God does not need us to serve Him. Acts 17:25
   Jesus chose at every moment to live in total dependence on His heavenly Father… We are to abide in Christ, allowing Him to express His life through us. Abiding in Christ simply means living each moment totally depending on His life within us to cause us to be all that He has called us to be and to do all that He purposes for us to do.
   How about the joy of reading and understanding material in chapters titled:
  • Say Goodbye to Mr. Law
  •  Sin’s Secret Weapon
  • A Smiling God
  • Let’s Party!
  • Grace Rules!

   This is just the beginning! Have a blessed time reading and learning to abide in Jesus Christ.

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