Saturday, November 30, 2013

What keeps Christians from being free?

Brokenness-haven’t come to the end of self and still have some confidence in their own resources and abilities. A good indication of this is when they say, “Tell me what to do!”
Unforgiveness-#1 way Satan robs us of our freedom. Most people have some unresolved anger. Forgiveness is God’s only way to deal with it. Unforgiveness=bondage (Eph. 4:26, 27).
Do Not Accept Themselves Just The Way They Are-Need to realize that God accepts them just the way they are, forgive themselves, and accept themselves.
Trying to Get Feelings to Line Up with the Truth-Which will never happen because freedom is experienced when we live by faith in the truth, regardless of our feelings.
Fail to Distinguish between Flesh and the Real You-The flesh constantly wars against the Spirit, but that is NOT who we are-we are not addicts, perfectionists, anorexics, etc.
An Inadequate Understanding of Grace-Do not know they are dead to the law, and everything is permissible, and are still trying to perform and measure up to get their acceptance and worth.
Wrong Concept of God-Don’t know that God accepts them as they are and has not changed as a result of their sin.
Never Appropriated Their True Identity in Christ-It is must information to them and/or they are still holding on to a false identity in the flesh. We always act consistently with how we perceive ourselves.
Have Not Learned to resist Satan-Do not understand spiritual warfare and that Satan was defeated at the cross, and we have authority over him and the demonic.

Have not Learned to Discipline Their Minds-No consistent victory unless we take every thought captive and renew our minds by thinking on what is true, noble, pure, right, etc.

Could this be you or someone you know looking for answers?

Would you like to learn more about:
v  The problem of strongholds
v  God’s solution to strongholds
v  Freedom from the past
v  The lies that keep us in bondage
v  The truth that sets and keeps us free
v  The price of freedom

Would you like to find freedom in you life from issues such as:
v  Addiction & Codependency
v  Anger & Bitterness
v  Perfectionism & Workaholism
v  Low Self-esteem
v  Eating Disorders, Gambling, and Other Compulsive Behaviors
v  Depression & Irrational Fears
v  Sex Addiction & Pornography
v  Stress & Anxiety
v  Strongholds
v  Habitual Sins\Negative Thoughts
v  Broken Relationships

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