Friday, February 28, 2014

grape vine or wreath

The Wreath
A friend of mine whose grapevine died, had
put it out for trash.
I said to her, "I'll take that vine and make
something of that."
At home the bag of dead, dry vines looked
nothing but a mess, but as I gently bent
one vine, entwining ' round and 'round,
A rustic wreath began to form, potential did abound
One vine would not go where it should,
and anxious as I was,
I forced it so to change its shape, it broke -
and what the cause?
If I had taken precious time to slowly change
its form,
It would have made a lovely wreath, not a
dead vine, broken, torn.
As I finished bending, adding blooms,
applying trim,
I realized how that rustic wreath is like my life within.
You see, so many in my life have tried to make
me change.
They've forced my spirit anxiously, I tried to rearrange.
But when the pain was far too great,
they forced my fragile form,
I plunged far deeper in despair, my spirit broken, torn
Then God allowed a gentle one that knew of
dying vines,
To kindly, patiently allow the Lord to take His time
And though the vine has not yet formed a
decorative wreath,
I know that with God's servants' help one day when
Christ I meet,
He'll see a finished circle, a perfect gift to Him.
It will be a final product, a wreath with all the trim.

So as you look upon this gift, the vine round
and complete,
Remember God is using you to gently shape His wreath.

unpublished poem by Kathleen Viaes page 205 "Living Free in Christ" Neil Anderson

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