Friday, May 27, 2016

The Effectiveness of God's Way

Exodus 3:1-22

... we will see what God can do in the life of someone who is fully submitted to Him. If we let Moses' example teach us about the dangers of self-sufficiency and the advantages of depending on the Lord, we'll save ourselves a lot of hardship.
   When we submit to God's way, He'll do amazing things in and through our life. Despite past failures, Moses as still used n accomplishing the divine plan, but only after he became usable - that is, humbled and broken of his self-will. Just consider what God achieved when Moses relinquished control.
  • He showed He could do great things through a yielded person.
  • He got more done in less time and with fewer resources. There was no insurrection or lengthy war - just a dramatic display of His power.
  • He proved the superiority of His was by freeing over two million people without the loss of a single Hebrew life.
  • He sent slaves out of bondage with their captors' riches (Ex. 3:21-22)).
  • He proved to both the Israelites and the Egyptians that He alone is the God of heaven and earth.
  • He received all the glory.

   Our past failures never prevent God's willingness or ability to use us. In fact, our weakness is a great opportunity for the display of His power. In our own strength, we are totally ineffective. But when we submit to the Lord's authority in our life, we can experience His victory in whatever He calls us to do.
Stanley, Charles F. In Touch: Daily Readings for Devoted People. February 2016. Atlanta. page 9.

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