Friday, May 22, 2015

Abundant Life in Jesus Christ

“I have come that they might have LIFE, and might have it abundantly.”
John 10:10

   “An English minister describing his inner city outreach in Bristol, England once commented, ‘I minister to the lost, the least, the lonely and the last.’

   Perhaps you have felt like you would fall into any or all of these categories: lost, least, lonely, last. Well, be encouraged! Our Lord Jesus came just for YOU!”
Luke 5:31; 4:18-19; John 10:10; 8:32

   Or are you saying, “What about me?” “I’ve been a Christian for some time now and my life is still a mess. What’s wrong with the foundation of my house?”

   “Christ not only died for your sins, He came to give His life to you. Why? First, because He desires to have fellowship with you. Secondly, He wants to be able to live His life through you.

   …You don’t have to wait until you die to experience all of the benefits of life in Christ. They are yours NOW! God says that He has given you a whole new identity. He has made you a new creation. He has made you His precious child. What’s more, God says that He has seated you with Him in His presence already.

   And that’s only the beginning of the good news.”

   The Grace Life Handbook thoroughly explains the concepts of the Exchanged Life. This study guide offers diagrams and hands on Bible study in chapters titled When God Ran, Rejection, Understanding Flesh, Uniquely Designed, Victorious In Christ to name a few. Barry Grecu, Scott Brittin, Tom Grady, Ray Alton and Mike Quarles collaborated on the writing and editing of this handbook. For additional information:
Grace Ministries International
131 Village Parkway, NE
Marietta GA 30067

   Another resource, Be Transformed offers Biblical solutions to life’s problems. This workbook is designed to help you address the root causes of the problems you face everyday.
   Scope uses the tree to represent man’s three-part nature: spirit, soul, and body.
Ø  The roots represent the spirit of man, which is the means of knowing and worshipping God.
Ø  The trunk represents man’s soul, the means of expressing the mind, will, and emotions.
Ø  The leaves represent the body, the most noticeable and changing aspect.
Ø  The sky depicts the wind of God’s Spirit at work in the world.
Ø  The river of living water is the Holy Spirit indwelling the believer’s spirit (roots), filling the soul (trunk) and producing fruit in the body (leaves).
Ø  The roots of the tree are rooted in God’s love and are one with Christ’s Spirit.
Ø  The believer is drinking from the river of life and being filled with the Holy Spirit.
Ø  The leaves of the tree pointed upward are depicting a life of worship and praise.
Ø  Jesus is visible in the tree, reproducing His life in the soul (trunk) and expressing Himself through the body (leaves).

Scope Ministries International
700 NE 63rd Street
Oklahoma City OK 73105

Blackmon, Selma, editor. The Exchanged Life Ministry News.

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