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"Grace Works" by Dudley Hall

Grace Works by Dudley Hall
   “God has offered a lifestyle in Jesus that actually allows you to do what you want. But first he instructs you as to who you really are-a chosen child of the living God. Forgiven totally, accepted fully, a living container of marvelous grace!.. Life is a discovery!.. It only happens as we live in relationship with the Father. And the choice is ours… Life means being free to go where God directs without fear and without guilt…
   The problem is, a relationship is not a formula. The gift of grace is not a combination of requirements that gets results, but an invitation for full fellowship. The solution to sin is mercy, not sacrifice; life, not legalism; relationship, not religion…

   Jesus didn’t come to judge you. In fact, he loves you enough to change you…”

John 16
8And when He comes, He will convict and convince the world and bring demonstration to it about sin and about righteousness (uprightness of heart and right standing with God) and about judgment:
9About sin, because they do not
believe in Me [trust in, rely on, and adhere to Me]; Amplified Bible

   “Notice that Jesus was speaking of sin as the violation of a trust relationship, not the breaking of legal standards. The heart of all sin is unbelief, mistrust, or neglect of a faith relationship…”
   “…The essence of our religion is not external performance but internal relationship… If we have experienced the joy of God’s unconditional love, we will want to express that love to the needy around us. As a general rule, we become people who are fun to be with-neither judgmental nor self-conscious. We are able to listen to anyone’s perspective, believing that difference is good and not evil. We resist the temptation of trying to conform everyone to our own image, and we dare to believe that righteousness is stronger than wickedness. As a result, we enjoy the confidence to enter into any realm of life without fear… ‘His living kindness is everlasting.’ Ps. 100:5”

   Would you like to read more about Grace and the Life of Liberty, Better than New, Beyond Condemnation, Married and Miserable, Ministry without Manipulation or Grace the Simple Life?

   All of these chapters and more are included in Grace Works by Dudley Hall.

   “God desires not only to free you from the penalty of sin but to free you from the power of sin. That’s why it is foolish to believe you can be a partaker of grace and continue on nonchalantly in a life of ungodliness.”
Blackmon, Selma, editor. The Exchanged Life News. Volume 2 Issue 51. December 22, 2002.

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