Friday, May 8, 2015

"Birthright" by David C.Needham

Birthright:Christian,Do You know Who You Are? by David C. Needham

David Needham has included many interesting chapters, some of the titles are:

Ø  Who Are You, Christian?
Ø  The Wonder of Who We Are
Ø  A Declaration of Dependence
Ø  A New Choice: The Commitment of a Person’s Will
Ø  A New Master: The Lordship of Christ is Central
Ø  Where is the Joy?

   “…The essence of His life was that all the he did- His words, His works, His entire life- came from His Father. His was a totally dependent life. For a human to be truly alive-by our Creator’s definition-is to live as an extension of God’s own life…
   Through His unique creation of man, all that God wished to show of Himself-His perfections, His purity, His love-could be seen and most fully appreciated. For a person to fulfill this function is life. And anything less than this is less than life
   God’s purpose for humans is that they become actual extensions of His life through a dependent relationship with Him…”
ü  Commitment to the authority of the scriptures
ü  Separation from the world
ü  Evangelism
ü  Submission to authority
ü  Distinctive lifestyle
ü  Worship God centered

Where is the Joy?
V  You are safe
V  You are loved

1)      We need to take a long look at the fact that the entire Trinity is very pleased to have us. Luke 15:6, 20, 23-24
2)      God’s gift of joy comes to us wrapped in a package. That package is Holy Spirit-taught truth. We must give the Spirit a chance. 1 Thessalonians 1:6; Romans 5:3, 5; 15:13
3)      God’s joy can only function when we are honestly resting in the adequacy of Christ. 2 Cor. 10:3-5
4)      God’s joy is inseparable from unconditional discipleship with all its costs. Luke 14:33; John 15:11

   …Oh Christian-face up to it. You know what to do. So do it!
   There is a world that needs to see the invisible God through the prism called ‘you.’ Don’t waste another minute missing life.
   There is a God Who has chosen you to be the object of His love-the displayer of His person. Why waste another second frustrating the very reason Jesus came?”

   Am I aware of whom I really am? Can I answer “Yes” to Matthew 22:37?
   Reading this book will give information on basic Biblical truths of God’s purpose and how this can be accomplished backed up with definitions and scripture.

O dear Christian, rejoice! Live!”
“Do you know who you are?
Blackmon, Selma, editor. The Exchanged Life News. Volume 2 Issue 50. December 15, 2002

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