Friday, July 31, 2015

Christ as life, hide in Jesus Chrust

The wall
Carolyn S. Smith
I built a wall around my heart,
A safe place I could hide.
A secret place for just myself,
With all my pain inside.

Others came to visit me,
And though we laughed and cried,
I hid my pain behind the wall,
They couldn't come inside.

One day Jesus came to me
And though I longed for peace,
I was imprisoned by my pain
And couldn't find release.

I could not bring myself to let Him
Come inside the Wall.
And though He helped tremendously,
I couldn't give my all.

As time flew by, my longings
Increased to highest peaks.
I yearned for His fellowship,
I hungered for true peace.

Quietly, He waited there,
Just outside my Wall.
Not asking once or rushing me,
Just loving despite all.

At length one day I knew that I
Could no longer hide.
I asked Him to destroy the wall
So He could come inside.

My heart beat quite alarmingly,
My mind was filled with fear.
My Wall was gone - where would I hide
My anger and my tears?

Amazingly, a peace began
To fill my soul anew.
A quiet joy, an unknown strength
More than I ever knew.

I looked around and saw the Wall
Lay shattered at my feet,
But suddenly I didn't care,
I had a peace so sweet.

I knew at once the pain that had been
Bottled deep within
Had only been a symptom
Of bitterness and sin.

As I released the sin and pain,
Jesus wiped away my tears.
I understood He was my friend,
And He would calm my fears.

And just as sure, I knew that now
He always would abide.
I knew that when I faced new fears,
In Him, now I could hide.

So now instead of crouching
In pain behind my wall,
My hiding place is Jesus,

The greatest place of all.

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