Friday, March 20, 2015

"The Calvary Road" by Roy Hession


The Calvary Road by Roy Hession
 Do you want life man’s way that leads to conflict and frustration or God’s way that leads to inner peace? Colossians 3:15

   What is my attitude? Am I willing to be honest and truthful with myself? Do I have peace with God in my heart? Do I have love and concern for others? Do I want a better home life? 

   Some random quotes from this everyday, where road and rubber meet, practical Biblical based book:
  • Everything that comes between us and another, such as impatience, resentment, or envy, comes between us and God.
  • The first effect of sin in us is always to make us hide; with the result that we are pretending, we are wearing a mask, we are not real with either God or man.
  • God is the All-revealing One, who shows up every man as he really is.
  • It is utterly impossible for us to be walking in any degree of darkness and have fellowship with God…We cannot have true fellowship with our brother either-for we are not real with him, and no one can have fellowship with an unreal person.
  • Being broken is both God’s work and ours. He brings His pressure to bear, but we have to make the choice…we are not likely to be broken except at the Cross of Jesus.
  • It was into the home that sin first came. It is in the home that revival first needs to come.
  • I suggest that the beam in our eye is simply our unloving reaction to the other man’s mote.
  • When God is leading us to challenge another, let not fear hold us back. Let us not argue or press our point. Let us just say what God has told us to and leave it there. It is God’s work, not ours, to cause the other to see it.
  • When we are challenged, let us not defend ourselves and explain ourselves. Let us take it in silence, thanking the other; and then go to God about it and ask Him.
  • Blood cannot be applied to the sins of our proud hearts until we have been broken in repentance as to what has already happened and as to what we already are. This will mean allowing the light of God to go through every part of our hearts and into every one of our relationships.
  • Humility, lamblikeness, the surrender of our wills to God, are what He looks for supremely from man. It was to manifest all this that God ever created the first man. It was his refusal to walk this path that constituted his first sin (and it has been the heart of sin ever since). It was to bring this disposition back to earth that Jesus came.
  • Every sin we ever commit is the result of the hard unbroken self taking up some attitude of pride, and we shall not find peace through the Blood until we are willing to see the source of each sin and reverse the wrong attitude that caused it by a specific repentance, which will always be humbling.
  • There then is our choice-to protest our innocence and go down to our house, unblessed, dry of soul, and out of touch with God. Or to justify God and to enter into peace, fellowship, and victory through the Blood of Jesus.

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