Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"We Would See Jesus" by Roy Hession, pat 3

We Would See Jesus by Roy Hession

   “We are now in a position to understand the reasons for many of the frustrations in the spiritual life. We have sought peace, holiness, victory, revival, as blessings apart from and additional to the Lord Jesus, and they have for this reason eluded us. We have prayed and struggled for them and sought to fulfill all sorts of conditions, but in vain. We have even been willing to walk the humbling Way of the Blood of Jesus, and to let Him convict us and bring us to repentance; but even so, the great baptism of love and power is looked upon as something yet to be received. Romans 10:4 ‘Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.’  He is our peace; He is our power; He is our victory; He is our revival. There is nothing beyond Him.”
   Seeing Jesus-For Others, the last chapter, is very rich in describing John 15 and Isaiah 5. “I am the Vine, ye are the branches.”
   “This was the way in which He walked in His relationship with the Father, and it is the way in which we must walk in our relationship with Him. Said He, ‘The Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He seeth the Father do; for what things soever He doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise’ (John 5:19). And we, to, can do nothing but what we see the Lord Jesus doing. Until we see that, we are helpless, and our service is nothing more than self-initiated striving. But if we will first seek to see what the Lord Jesus is doing in a situation, then we can move with Him, even as the Son moved with the Father; and in that cooperation between man and God the true works of God are produced. It is not ours to originate anything, but simply to yield ourselves to Him to be the channel of what He initiates and caries through-and to trust Him to do so through us…Let us state the truth simply and boldly: the Lord Jesus is for others. Just as the vine does not bear its grapes for its own refreshment but for the refreshment of others, so has this Divine Vine chosen to be and to act only and always for others…this determines what His purpose is. It is to recover these others to God and Himself through the redemption of His Cross, by the mighty working of His Holy Spirit among them…
   Jesus is the Vine so our reason for failure is simply that we are trying to be the vine; we have been trying to find a holiness and a love for others in ourselves and from ourselves which Scripture never encourages us to expect to find there…The responsibility for producing fruit is no longer ours. God has His own true Vine, the risen Lord Jesus, who is well able to produce all the fruit that God requires for others, and to fulfill all the purposes of His grace for men…But we-where do we come in? Simply as branches in Him, the Vine. We do not produce the fruit, but simply bear what He produces as we permit Him to live in us.
   It is possible for any of us at any time to assume the position, often unconsciously, of the vine. We start the day as if it were our day and we make our plans for our day and fully intend to do our best for the Lord. The responsibility and government is really on our shoulders, and we have subtly become the vine. But just because it is our day and we are the vine, things soon go wrong. People and circumstances upset our schedule and interfere with what we wanted to do, and there is a reaction of hardness, irritation and resentment in our hearts, and often a sharp retort on our lips. The very responsibility of trying to be the vine makes us tense, and tenseness always predisposes us to further sin. If we are charged with the responsibility of some special piece of Christian service, our tenseness and reactions are often far worse, and we can go into that piece of service without calling them sin. It is little wonder that we return abashed and defeated. ..The way of repentance, however, is always open to us…He invites us to return to Him in repentance and to confess the source of these things as being our attempt to be ourselves the vine, and to receive from His hands forgiveness and cleansing. Immediately He becomes the Vine to us again and we become the branch that rests in Him…We must be continually seeing by faith Jesus to be the Vine…There must be the willingness to be broken and become available to Him as a branch.

   We must be seeing Jesus as the Vine and ourselves as part of Him, and be willing to be His branches for others.

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