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A. B. (Albert Benjamin) Simpson (1843-1919)

   From the Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals,  A(lbert) B(enjamin) Simpson (1843-1919), evangelist, founder of the Christian & Missionary Alliance was born on Prince Edward Island, the son of Scottish Presbyterian parents. The brief biography continues with "Simpson touted a 'fourfold Gospel' of Christ as 'Saviour, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King,..'” A 128 page book published by the Christian Alliance in 1925, provides a deep and rich experience of God's love and grace. Each of the four topics are explored and explained in a language everyone that desires can understand. The last chapter, "Kept," begins and ends with II Timothy 1:12. On page 128, the author ends by asking, "The great question for you and me is, how much have we really committed?"

31 Kings or Victory over Self by A.B. Simpson
“These are the kings of the land that Joshua and the Israelites conquered on the west side of the Jordan… thirty-one kings in all” (Joshua 12:7-24)
There are various forms of self-life which need to be subdued and slain before the soul can be in perfect harmony with the divine will. They are tyrants, which, if allowed to remain, will ultimately bring us into subjection to sin and separate us from the Lord.

There is a foe whose hidden power,
The Christian well may fear,
More subtle far than inbred sin
And to the heart more dear.
It is the power of selfishness,
It is the willful I,
And e’er my Lord can live in me
My very self must die.

There is, like Anak’s sons of old,
A race of giants still,
Self-glory, self-confidence,
Self-seeking and self-will.
Still must these haughty Anakim
By Caleb’s sword be slain,
E’er Hebron’s heights of heavenly love
Our conquering feet can gain.
Oh, save me from self-will, dear Lord,
Which claims Thy sacred Throne;
Oh, let my will be lost in Thine;
And let Thy will be done.
Oh, keep me from self-confidence,
And self-sufficiency;
Let me exchange my strength for Thine,
And lean alone on Thee.

On, Save me from self-seeking, Lord.
Let me not be my own,
A living sacrifice I come-
Lord, keep me Thine alone;
From proud vain-glory save me, Lord,
From pride of praise and fame;
To Christ be all the honor given,
The glory of His Name.
O Jesus, slay the self in me,
By Thy consuming breath;
Show me Thy heart, Thy wounds, Thy shame,
And love my soul to death.
When the Shekinah flame came down,
E’er Moses could not say;
So let Thy glory fill me now,
And self forever slay.

O Jesus, come and dwell in me,
Walk in my steps each day,
Love in my life, love in my love,
And speak in all I say;
Think in my thoughts, let all my acts
Thy very actions be,
So shall it be no longer I,
But Christ that lives in me.

This book identifies and gives scripture on “self” and then asks the question, “How shall we overcome these giant Anakim? How shall we win the victory over self? How shall we possess Hebron, the city of love?”
 Due to space you can read the answers for yourself in 31 Kings by A.B. Simpson.

Just a quick hint:

  • We must hand over self and all its rights in an eternal covenant and give God the absolute right to own us, control us and possess us forever.   
  • We must let God make this real in detail, as each day brings its tests and conflicts, and each of these 31 kings comes face to face before us.  
  • We must receive the great antidote to self-the love of Christ.

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