Wednesday, December 28, 2016

"Alive for the First Time" by David C. Needham

Alive for the First Time by David C. Needham explains Christian living, abiding and our new life.
"This book is about you...." This begins chapter one of Alive for the First Time by David C. Needham. Don't we all want to know more? More about "me"? The author shares this journey in chapters such as "What's So Great about Being Human?" and "Two Kinds of People, Two Kinds of Life." Read more for yourself!

Birthright: Christian Do You Know Who You Are? by David C. Needham includes many interesting chapters, some of the titles are:
  •  Who Are You, Christian?
  • The Wonder of Who We Are
  •  A Declaration of Dependence
  •  A New Choice: The Commitment of a Person’s Will
  •  A New Master: The Lordship of Christ is Central
  •  Where is the Joy?

   “…The essence of His life was that all the he did- His words, His works, His entire life- came from His Father. His was a totally dependent life. For a human to be truly alive-by our Creator’s definition-is to live as an extension of God’s own life…
   Through His unique creation of man, all that God wished to show of Himself-His perfections, His purity, His love-could be seen and most fully appreciated. For a person to fulfill this function is life. And anything less than this is less than life
   God’s purpose for humans is that they become actual extensions of His life through a dependent relationship with Him…”

  •  Commitment to the authority of the scriptures
  • Separation from the world
  •  Evangelism
  •  Submission to authority
  •  Distinctive lifestyle
  •  Worship God centered

Where is the Joy?
  •  You are safe
  •  You are loved
1)      We need to take a long look at the fact that the entire Trinity is very pleased to have us. Luke 15:6, 20, 23-24
2)      God’s gift of joy comes to us wrapped in a package. That package is Holy Spirit-taught truth. We must give the Spirit a chance. 1 Thes. 1:6; Romans 5:3, 5; 15:13
3)      God’s joy can only function when we are honestly resting in the adequacy of Christ. 2 Cor. 10:3-5
4)      God’s joy is inseparable from unconditional discipleship with all its costs. Luke 14:33; John 15:11

   …Oh Christian-face up to it. You know what to do. So do it!
   There is a world that needs to see the invisible God through the prism called ‘you.’ Don’t waste another minute missing life.
   There is a God Who has chosen you to be the object of His love-the displayer of His person. Why waste another second frustrating the very reason Jesus came?”

   Am I aware of whom I really am? Can I answer “Yes” to Matthew 22:37?
   Reading this book will give information on basic Biblical truths of God’s purpose and how this can be accomplished backed up with definitions and scripture.

O dear Christian, rejoice! Live!”
“Do you know who you are?

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