Saturday, October 26, 2013


There was once a parent who let his son and daughter play inside a fenced-in yard. They knew the boundaries. And they knew the consequences if they failed to obey and stay within the limits. The father loved the two children, and they brought him more joy than anything in his life. But the two children stepped over the boundaries, suffered severe consequences, and broke the father’s heart.
   The son’s name was Adam. The daughter’s name was Eve. The father’s name is God. God the Father was the perfect Parent, but His first two kids didn’t turn out to be perfect. He understands.

   The One who created the first family is the One who is interested in yours and in mine. The God who adopted you into His forever family knows how to make earthly families work.
   Family-one man and one woman united in marriage for life and, if God chooses, children either biological or adopted. We can’t change God’s ideal. Well, I guess we can. Adam and Eve did. And humankind has been paying the price ever since.
   God provided the Cross to break their negative family traditions.

   When Jesus came to the Garden of Gethsemane, He was already committed to the Father’s will. However, He struggled with the Father to determine whether there was another way to accomplish God’s purpose. He struggled with separation from the Father while at the same time He was committed to God’s will.
   There will be times when we come to God, listen to Him, and then grapple with what we hear. We may be as submissive as we know how at that moment but still wrestle with what He says. Submission must accompany listening if we are to fully hear God.

The Power of the Cross by Dr. Charles Stanley pgs 127, 129, 151

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