Tuesday, October 8, 2013

God's love

“Because God is love, he pursues love relationships with the people he created. A love relationship begins as you commit your life in faith and trust to Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. It continues in daily prayer, Bible study, and obedience as he shows you where he is at work, and you lovingly join in that work. A love relationship means:
Ø  You are closer to God than to any person on earth.
Ø  Everything about your life depends on the quality of your love relationship with God.
Ø  Love for God leads you to love and serve other people.
Ø  Christ is in your life through the Holy Spirit to guide each decision you make and reveal God’s will to you.
Ø  You can never be separated from God’s love.
Ø  God loves you and promises to protect and bless you.
Ø  Everything God says and does is an expression of love.
Ø  You can be totally satisfied and fulfilled.
Ø  You will invest your life in lasting, eternal things and ways.
Ø  God will be present in real and practical ways in your life.”

For the rest of this love relationship with our God focus,  read and study The Experiencing God Study Bible edited by Henry T. Blackaby and Claude V. King.

    Anabel Gillham tells the story of how her son taught her about God’s love. Her son, Mason, was born profoundly retarded, and it got to the point that he had to be institutionalized because he could no longer communicate or even feed himself. Of course, Anabel and her husband still loved and missed him, so they would often bring him home on weekends.
   One Sunday, a little while before it was time to take Mason back, Anabel was at the kitchen sink washing dishes. Mason was sitting at his special chair/table with his bib on. There was food scattered everywhere as Mason stared into space, totally detached from his surroundings. Anabel put her dishcloth aside and knelt down in front of her son and said, “Oh, Mason I love you so much. If only you knew how much I loved you.” But he did not respond. He could not. When she went back to the sink with tears flowing down her cheeks, God spoke to her heart: “Anabel, that is the way I love you. Even if you couldn’t perform one deed or perfectly respond to Me, I would still love you.”

Victorious Christian Living audio Bill and Anabel Gillham

How could you develop the habit of abiding in Christ’s love? What impact would it have on your life if you practiced His presence 24 hours of every day?

May the love in your heart radiate to all those around you every day.

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